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About Us


In modern world, different countries use the potential of their indigenous products to generate value added. In some countries, these revenues come from natural landscapes and environmental characteristics. IRAN addition to natural, traditional and historical facilities, in some other productions such as fruits and agricultural products, has high potential to attract other country’s people to test the best and original tastes of natural and organic fruits and dried fruits.

About 90 percent of saffron and 50 percent of pistachio in the world are produced in Iran and these amounts are the best ones.

Our mission:

OXIN TEJARAT ARAD Company has been established with the aim of creating new brands and production of grade 1 products and exports to various countries, and in this way has gained significant results, including the establishment of representative offices in Australia and China and the registration of brands OXIN and ZINAT SAFFRON to export best quality Iranian dried fruits and saffron to five continents.